Move more, sit less!

By October 22, 2015Blog Posts, The Scoop


At MEDUCOM, our mantra is to support health and wellbeing. We strive to educate Canadians on proper healthcare practices by developing physician and patient materials focused on strategic healthcare outcomes. We also have a commitment outside of the office to keep ourselves in shape.
To prove our dedication, MEDUCOM entered the 2015 Guelph Workplace Wellness Challenge, designed to inspire active workplaces. During the challenge we spread our passion by completing daily fitness challenges and sharing tips for “moving more and sitting less”. Placing in the top 10 of the “Most Active Workplaces in Guelph”, here are our top 3 tips to stay active at work:
1. Walk or bike to work
2. Take the stairs, not the elevator
3. Have standing meetings instead of sitting meetings