Mohawk Race Track

By September 5, 2014The Scoop
MEDUCOM Visits Mohawk Race Track

We are continuing to celebrate MEDUCOM’s 20th anniversary with monthly events commemorating a year of MEDUCOM’s past. In August, we celebrated 2009, MEDUCOM’s 15th year, with a night at the races. 2009 marked the year the first Hangover movie came out. The film of a group of friends’ crazy adventures in Vegas naturally put us in a gamblin’ mood. Since we couldn’t make it to Vegas, we did the next best thing, and headed over to Mohawk Race Track; aka, Ontario’s Vegas (or, close enough at any rate). The more courageous among us even placed a few bets. Though the grand total of our winnings ($14.60 – exactly) would not qualify as a Vegas payday, we were happy to enjoy each other’s company during dinner outside on the patio, watching the races as the sun set and the weather cooled, reminding us all that fall – and the promise of a new social event – are just around the corner…

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