Meeting Themes Should Not be Overlooked!

By August 14, 2015The MEDUCOM Post

National sales meetings and POA presentations require numerous hours in planning and preparation. Extensive collaboration amongst marketers, trainers and managers is required to bring a sales meeting to life. Abundant meetings and long hours fill each day to ensure presentations incorporate just the right balance of market updates, rollout of field-driven initiatives and incentive programs. In the busy preparation season, it is easy to overlook how impactful a strong meeting theme can be. From pre-meeting teaser videos, to arrival gifts, to interjecting the theme into each and every session, theming is an exciting opportunity to shake off stiff regulations that govern external activities and have a little fun with your team.  Theming brings a level of engagement that is almost impossible in other daily activities due to time, budget or regulatory restrictions. Let us take your next national business meeting to the next level by showcasing our creative theming skills.