Meducom Represents Canada at BIO 2012!

By June 28, 2012The Scoop

Meducom was invited to participate within the Ontario pavilion at the BIO 2012 conference in Boston, June 18 to 21. With over 17000 delegates from around the world, this was a great opportunity to re-unite with Canadian and International colleagues and friends, and represent Canada’s strong biopharmaceutical offering. Most Canadian pharma and biotech affiliates were well represented, in addition to government representatives from each province and some larger municipalities including the Hon. Hazel McCallion, Mayor of Mississauga!

Biotechnology represents one of the most significant growth areas of all time. With a compelling story from uncovering the Human Genome to the the remarkable innovations in food and plant science, biotechnology is significantly changing the way we heal, feed and fuel the world. As supported through tribute to the late Senator Ted Kennedy, the “21st century is the Century of the Life Sciences”.

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