Meducom Parties Like it’s ’94 in Lillehammer!

By January 30, 2014The Scoop

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we’ll be heading out each month for a team-building activity themed to one of our 20 years in business.

Back in 1994 we opened our door for business. Also in 1994/1995:

  • Friends and ER debuted on NBC
  • The Macarena took the nation by storm
  • The OJ Simpson trial kicked off
  • ..and the 1994 Winter Olympics took place in Lillehammer!

Last week we rented out the Sleeman Centre for an hour of skating and a few friendly, Olympic-style games. We had a shoot-out challenge, a relay race and a “bob-sled” race. Lucky for us it was a friendly competition and no one decided to pull a Tonya Harding. After three games, our three teams ended up tied for the gold!

What’s in store for Meducom next month as we look back on 1996 and 1997?