Meducom MVP’s – Outstanding Performance

By January 13, 2014The Scoop
Meducom MVP

At Meducom, we always strive to exceed expectations in all our projects and take great pride when a client goes out of their way to express their appreciation towards members of our team. This doesn’t go unrecognized at Meducom.

Below is an excerpt from one of our clients commending Patricia (Account Associate) and Courtney (Medical Specialist) on their efforts.

“I felt that both had the necessary scientific background to support us in this therapeutic area …All my interactions with Courtney and Patricia left me with the perception that they quickly understand this group of physicians and were sensitive to all the insights …. Their biggest strength is definitely in their capability to listen to the information we are presenting and able to very quickly grasp the sensitivity around it. I sincerely believe that the project is moving quite smoothly because of their combined efforts”

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