Meducom is Active and Ruthless in Our Writing, That’s a Fact!

By May 31, 2013The Scoop

Scott Colby, a journalist with the Toronto Star, ran a writing workshop at Meducom last week. In the first half of the workshop we discussed writing, and learned some tips. Highlights of the discussion include:

Kill your babies

Certainly a memorable rule! It means we can’t get too attached to something we’ve written. Writing is rewriting. We need to cut and revise ruthlessly during the editing process.

The meeting is at 7:00 not The meeting will be held at 7:00.

The active voice is stronger than the passive voice. However, the passive voice is common in business and scientific writing. For example:

  • Passive: A significant difference was found between the placebo and treatment group for the primary endpoint.
  • Active: The authors found a significant difference between the placebo and treatment groups for the primary endpoint.

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