Meducom Days

By July 13, 2011Vaz Vision
Meducom Vaz Vision Blog

As part of our commitment to create a positive work environment, Meducom traditionally offers Meducom Days…bonus vacation days for all employees that extend long weekends in the summer and provide extra time for family over the Christmas Holidays. This results in over a week of extra vacation time for the entire company! As a healthcare communications agency with urgent deadlines, and a focus on process and cost efficiency, how can management possibly justify this?

Experience has proven that Meducom Days support the development of mutual trust and accountability. Individuals take ultimate responsibility for their work load, putting in the extra time prior to a Meducom Day to clear their “To Do” list, and voluntarily staying in contact with clients and colleagues on the off day to address urgent matters. The shortened work weeks pre- and post-Meducom Day are often ultra-productive, since everyone is motivated towards the common goal of seamlessly maintaining operational efficiency for our clients.

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