Leveraging Your Relationship with Medical Affairs

By August 23, 2012Pharma Beat

We recently encountered an interesting take on how pharma marketers should leverage clinical trial data to support promotional claims and materials (http://bit.ly/NFMfU6). The writer suggests that marketers should “have a close relationship with your peers in medical affairs or scientific communications.” The reason? These people can be very helpful in providing information and support.

This is good advice, however in Canada we need to consider additional objectives to achieve with our clinical trials groups. As a marketer, one of the biggest challenges is a lack of Canadian clinical trial experience. Without a solid base of Canadian KOLs with hands-on familiarity with your brand, we face limitations at almost every turn. This includes the obvious such as adoption and uptake of the brand, but also can cross into areas such as formulary listings and reimbursement.

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