Kim Kardashian a Pharma Marketer?

By August 21, 2015Pharma Beat

Earlier this month Kim Kardashian, five months pregnant, posted a photo of herself to her Instragram account holding a bottle of the morning sickness drug Diclegis (known as Diclecntin in Canada). The caption detailed Kardashian’s struggle with morning sickness and said she is “partnering with Duchesnay USA to raise awareness about morning sickness.” The problem is she didn’t provide the necessary information on risks or side effects within the post.

The FDA issued a warning letter last week asking Duschesnay to respond by August 21 with their plan for corrective action, which should be disseminated using the same media in order to reach the same audience as the original message (posted to 43.3 million followers).

Although advertising prescription medicines to the general public in Canada is limited to name, price and quantity, Canadian consumers often follow American celebrities on social media. In a National Post article Ray Chepesiuk of the PAAB suggested Health Canada get involved saying, “It’s a good marketing ploy, not necessarily good public policy. There are rules and as far as I’m concerned, they’re infringing some.”