Keeping Guelph Clean!

By June 26, 2012The Scoop

Last Friday, Meducom took part in our first annual community clean-up! It is rare that an entire company lives in the city it is located, however at Meducom we all do. Further to that, we are proud to call the Royal City our home.

From downtown shopping, the farmer’s market and many quaint cafes to the Speed and Eramosa rivers winding through the city’s abundant parkland, Guelph is a wonderful place to call home. That is why we felt it was our duty to help keep it clean and beautiful.

In teams of three, Meducom raced around the downtown core to fill our bags with as much litter as we could find. It was a race to the finish with Duncan, Michelle and Tanya taking the glory! Fun was had by all and we look forward to doing our part again next year in making Guelph an even better place to call home!