It’s Canada Day, eh!

By June 30, 2011The Scoop

With all of the red, white and maple leaf decorated novelties, it is apparent Canada Day is fast approaching! Maybe it is due to spending the last three summers abroad, however I can’t wait to join the festivities of our National holiday.

There is much that builds up to this day reminding us of all the unique reasons we are defined as Canadian, like our famous four seasons… almost winter, winter, still winter and road work!

Nevertheless, there really are many things that make Canada a great place to call home. Besides our strong economy, clean environment, safe homes and friendly people, we have icons like the maple leaf, mounties, loonies and toonies, the moose and the beaver that we can proudly call our own.

We have much to be proud of as Canadians like the discovery of insulin, the Canadarm, our peacekeeping services and a melting pot society that brings a multitude of history and culture to our land. So on this Canada Day, I am looking forward to celebrating what it means to be Canadian.

Happy Canada Day from Meducom!