Insanity anyone?

By April 8, 2013The Scoop

Life right after Maternity Leave is tough (oddly enough, so is life right before Mat Leave!). I have been back at work now for about 2 weeks. I am happy to be back and am fully engaged. But life just went from a steady calm with brief moments of insanity (mostly child-related) to a constant onslaught of tasks which require my immediate attention or must be properly filed away so as to not be forgotten. My first week back my wonderfully supportive husband let me sleep in on both days of the weekend, which is a luxury I rarely get to enjoy.

Life is slowly returning to a feeling of normalcy. My daughter still cries when I drop her off at daycare, but I know from experience that the tears stop shortly after I leave. My year at home was absolutely amazing. But being back at work is a great thing too. I can now enjoy the best of both worlds, with a smattering of insanity thrown in for good measure.