Spring Into Spring with an Organized Office Space

As the days get longer, spring is the perfect time to take advantage of that extra hour of daylight to organize your office space. Out with the old coffee cups, stacks of papers and strewn office supplies and in with an orderly workspace. One technique is to keep only what you need to use immediately at arm’s length. Most professionals today are bogged down by paperwork which can negatively impact work performance. Organizing your desk with hanging files or baskets labeled appropriately (“to do”, “to file”, “to read” etc.) can help you get your thoughts in order and stay on top of your daily tasks. Creating a clutter-free work environment will clear the mind and increase productivity. With the changing of seasons, another important tip is to clean regularly. Wiping down your workstation weekly will not only help prevent the spread of germs, it will also help to tidy up loose papers and lingering trash to promote an efficient work environment. Why wait? Start your spring cleaning today!