Going mobile…one step at a time

By February 4, 2011Pharma Beat
Meducom Pharma Beat Blog

A U.S. survey recently completed by 40 manufacturers in the pharma, biotech and medical device arenas (including 10 of the 15 top pharma companies) reported that three-quarters of respondents spend 5% or less of their advertising budget on mobile technologies. The lack of knowledge about ROI was listed as the primary concern. The main target for mobile initiatives was identified to be health care professionals.

Demonstrating ROI can be challenging when developing mobile programs for health care professionals. This is why we encourage our clients to start small and develop a program that allows for expansion once we start seeing the benefits. It’s not about executing a $200K project, but developing a strategic pilot program that we can ramp up with time. The trend to mobile is underway, and our industry needs to adapt to stay ahead of the game.