Getting some perspective on life…

By November 23, 2011The Scoop

Our family took a trip to Cuba for a week in November, staying at a luxurious all inclusive resort. The weather was ideal, and the objectives of rest and relaxation were easily met. However, what was even more memorable for me was the excursion we took to explore some of the local villages and farms.

The economic situation in Cuba is one of relative poverty…but what struck me the most was the genuine happiness that exuded from all the locals we encountered. While “luxuries” like new clothing are unaffordable, essentials like schooling (including university) and healthcare are government funded. We tend to think that all of them would jump at the chance to start a new life outside the limitations of Cuba, but many of them spoke of the positives of the Cuban lifestyle, and voiced no motivation to ever leave the country.

And I started to see their perspective as we walked through a private farm tasting a variety of sumptuous tropical fruits fresh off the tree…what I would give to have that in my back yard!