Exceeding Expectations

By February 28, 2011Vaz Vision
Meducom Vaz Vision Blog

What keeps our clients coming back to Meducom with more business? What causes our clients to refer us to colleagues, creating new business opportunities?

Exceeding expectations. That’s what stands out in our clients minds, and what they remember once a project is over.

We are routinely contracted to perform a service within a specific scope of work. But even if we perform that service with perfect quality and timeliness, we don’t believe we’ve done anything remarkable. What get’s us excited is when we surprise our clients with something they were not expecting.

So while we’re providing top notch service to our clients, we’re constantly looking for opportunities where a little extra effort on our part can provide incremental value beyond expectations. Whether it’s finding a new study our client hasn’t seen yet, finishing a report ahead of schedule, or negotiating hard costs to come in under budget, it’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

That’s part of the Meducom difference!

– Darryl