Early ART therapy for HIV may be the key to a functional cure

By March 19, 2013Pharma Beat

Only two weeks after reports of a baby being functionally cured of HIV (see our previous blog: http://www.meducom.ca/first-reported-case-of-a-baby-cured-of-hiv/), researchers in France have reported similar findings for 14 adult patients. These patients have been able to control their viral levels without treatment for a median of 7.5 years, with no repercussions on their well being.

Based on the findings published in PLoS Pathogens, early and prolonged antiretroviral therapy is believed to contribute to the establishment of a functional cure within these patients, whose treatment was initiated within 10 weeks of infection. Early treatment initiation is thought to reduce the formation viral reservoirs, a contributing factor for lifelong therapy, and may confer additional benefits to patients with HIV by preserving the immune response or protecting from chronic immune activation.

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