Contagious Energy

By February 10, 2011Vaz Vision

The impact of energy is amazing. I’m not talking about oil or gas, but the energy that a person has in the way they conduct themselves. It’s apparent through posture, tone, humour, and most of all, a smile! It is inherently contagious, and we try to leverage this remarkable feature.

For our interactions with clients and their customers, it’s can sometimes be a one-way flow (we supply, they absorb). We aim to be the supplier of energy during meetings, teleconferences and even emails. We can’t always expect a response, but we know the enthusiasm helps someone get through what may be a difficult day for them. If they come away from an interaction with us feeling energized, they naturally want to deal with us more often, which clearly benefits our projects and our business. So regardless of how we feel, we do our best to exude energy…and yes, it can be created when needed!

For interactions with colleagues, it’s a two-way exchange (each one of us can’t be expected to be on cloud nine everyday!). If you have the energy, share it, and if you need it, go find it. Call a spontaneous meeting, organize a group lunch, or find the person who always knows how to make you laugh. As a team, we always have a surplus of energy, but we work together to make sure that we’re all topped up and ready to deal with our next client!

– Darryl