Conquered… Toughest Event on the Planet!

By October 11, 2013The Scoop

Two weeks ago, I took on the Tough Mudder Challenge! This grueling three hour event includes a 17 km obstacle course designed to push participants to their limits by way of strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie.  Notable challenges included the arctic water plunge, electric shock therapy as well as scaling 20 foot walls and a Everest-themed half pipe.

By far, the most challenging event for myself included trenching through ice cold water at every turn, particularly during a claustrophobic cage crawl submerged in frosty water and complete darkness.  While the best was taking a well deserved rest during the 0.5 km double piggy back ride my brother gave to myself and his fiancé!

This was the most ambitious challenge I have put to myself and have to admit, between kilometers 12 and 14 I was ready to forgo the victory beer. However, I’m glad I pushed through as I was amazed at the extreme sense of accomplishment felt by myself and my friends upon completion.

The best part, all contributions go to the Wounded Warrior Project, an inspiring charity which strives to honour and empower those who are injured in service to our country!