Competition is Key in Employee Training!

By April 10, 2015The MEDUCOM Post
Competition is Key

MEDUCOM makes continuous efforts to learn as a team, holding monthly Journal Clubs focused on late breaking pivotal trials and MEDUSchool workshops focused on skill building. Topics vary from those which are naturally engaging to those more challenging to capture audience attention.

As a trainer, I have noticed one factor that will turn the most mundane topic into a crowd pleaser… COMPETITION! Literature is mixed with equal camps believing competition may benefit or deter the training process. However I believe competition and education are interconnected. When introducing a team-based competition, such as a game show or debate, participants are instantly engaged. They sit straighter, lean forward and active participation increases notably. Positive relationships are fostered amongst employees working together and retention rates skyrocket. Even teams that do not place first value the experience and cannot wait for the next opportunity to compete!