Clean it up!

By July 2, 2013The Scoop

Each year we head out in teams to clean up our city. We leave the office with the challenge of “winners buy losers drinks at the Albion”. We mean business. With gloved hands and a couple of garbage bags, we cover different regions of downtown Guelph. We have learned that parking lots and alleys are jackpots for trash. While my team was cleaning a particularly grimy alley, the owner of the adjacent restaurant thanked us with vouchers for a free meal. They would be building a patio in the alley later that summer, and appreciated our efforts cleaning up the space.

The winner of our clean up, in my view, returned with four bags of garbage for three people. However, you could argue the last team to come in, who was drenched after having been caught in the rain, should be declared the winner.

While we never did make the losers buy the drinks, many did gather at the Albion after the clean up. We agreed that success in this competition was highly dependent on the route assigned. And sun is much preferred over rain.