Spider-Man on Broadway:Turn Off the Dark

By July 12, 2011The Scoop

On a recent spontaneous trip to NYC, I gladly took advantage of $30 last-minute tickets to see the most expensive Broadway production in history. Taking 2.5 hours to rest our feet from the streets of New York, our last-minute tickets won us three scattered seats with partial views. You would think that my partial view would phase me – it certainly did not!

From the beginning I was captured by the lights, the colours, the dancing, the music (by Bono and The Edge), the chemistry between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson and (ohh my!) the technical stunts that had Peter Parker flying from the stage, to the balcony, to the stage and back again! Interestingly, the show’s official opening was delayed a total of 6 times due to actors injuring themselves during rehearsals. No wonder the play is deemed the most expensive in broadway history!