Boldly Going Where MEDUCOM Has Never Gone Before

By July 7, 2014The Scoop
Meducom MVP

A client approached us with a flagship product for their new therapeutic franchise. They knew our past work and needed an internal program to train and inspire their new team to come together cohesively for success. The challenge was that MEDUCOM had not focused on this service in the past.

We hold ourselves to an exceptionally high standard so before we could consider a project outside of our service offering, we needed to ensure it could be executed to our standard. So we did what we do best and assembled a project team with out of the box thinking and strong therapeutic knowledge. The program was a tremendous success and regarded as one of the best our client had ever experienced…not bad for our first try!

What was our key to success? Teamwork, leveraged by the collaboration and complementary skill sets of our Account Services and Medical teams. To top it all off, the team was recognized with a MEDUCOM MVP award. Congratulations Nicola and Cristi!

– The MEDUCOM Team