Beyond “Customer Service”

By January 19, 2011Vaz Vision

It’s been said that “it’s all about the people”.

What makes you want to buy from a store or a business? Yes, it’s the product or service but it’s the people or staff serving you too. What keeps you going back may be their sunny disposition, or the customer centric attitude to serve you like you were their only customer. It might be their ability to make you feel that they truly understand your needs and want to give you what you really need or solve your issue at hand. Above all, it’s the expression and desire to be the best they can be in serving you.

These same attributes are essential and core to Meducom. With every email, phone call or client meeting, we strive to be focussed, energetic, and empathetic to their needs. And we apply the same principles when interacting with KOLs and other HCPs, because we recognize the value of these key customer relationships to support our clients’ success, and Meducom’s longevity.

– Darryl