Bellissimo Italia…

By September 16, 2011The Scoop

Recently, I took my holidays in Italy to attend a friend’s wedding in Rome. After a beautiful ceremony, stunning outdoor garden reception and some essential sightseeing in Rome, I hoped on the train to travel around Tuscany for five days.

After the fast pace of Rome, here I experienced what felt much more like the quiet Italian life I had imagined. Tuscany hosts perfect, quaint, hillside towns to get lost in. With narrow passageways full of shoe stores and gelato shops, stunning cathedrals, panoramic views and elegant piazza’s to sit and enjoy an afternoon drink, it really is the perfect getaway.

Despite a great deal of walking and ascending streets which at times felt like mountains, I successfully managed to counteract this healthy lifestyle with old world food and wine which unquestionably deserve their reputation. Morning espressos were served with sugary treats, lunchtime brought magnificent plates of spaghetti al pomodoro alongside rustic bread and rich olive oil, only to end the day with antipasto platters and Chianti wine.