Accredited CaseBuilder CME Debuts in Canada

By January 18, 2011The MEDUCOM Post

When presenting case based information to physicians, how many times have you heard:

This case is not realistic or I never see patients like this in my clinic

We have the solution for you. Meducom has just achieved CFPC accreditation of CaseBuilder™! This interactive interface directs physicians through a simple process to enter relevant patient case information, and generates a fully formatted and editable PowerPoint presentation with supporting discussion and content slides. Sponsoring companies also have the ability to customize the interface for unique therapeutic areas and design needs.

So…the next time you plan on asking a physician to build a case for you, consider using CaseBuilder to ensure the consistent, relevant and efficient development of patient cases for accredited or unaccredited educational events.

To learn more about CaseBuilder, watch our MeduTV feature.