A New Beginning

By May 31, 2013The Scoop

I’ll have to admit, I was a little scared coming to work on my first day at Meducom. This feeling grew stronger after my first team meeting was filled with foreign acronyms and terminology. However, the warmth of my new colleagues towards my hiring was encouraging and motivating. I couldn’t wait to put my mark on Meducom projects.

My orientation included a number of meetings with Nicola, the account manager. I was bombarded with information on multiple topics, but Nicola was fantastic at breaking down the information for easier retention. She is a great manager and I appreciate her help.

My first task was to prepare materials for the upcoming Regional Advisory Board Meetings. Like the rest of my week, this was a steep learning curve but I enjoyed it.

I have finished my first week at Meducom and I am already inspired by the amazing work environment here. There is an open door policy whenever you need help and staff organize a variety of events that build relationships such as pot lucks, community clean ups and continuing education. I feel part of a welcoming and productive team. What can be scary about that?