5 Tips to Stay Energized at Your Next Sales Meeting

By February 26, 2016Blog Posts, The MEDUCOM Post

National sales meetings are not only a great way to disseminate marketing messages and achieve training objectives, they also provide opportunities for valuable socializing among team members on breaks, over lunch hours and at offsite dinners. With many hotels and restaurants offering lavish dinners, custom desserts and signature cocktails, it is hard to hold back. That “sleepy feeling” that often follows good food and drink makes it tough to maximize how much you learn and contribute at each session.

So how can you get the most out of your next sales meeting while still enjoying the added perks of good food and drink?

Like most things in life, it’s a question of balance:

1. Eat healthy: skip dessert; opt for fruit and veggies at breaks; choose healthier options like grilled chicken or fish.
2. Drink lots of water: opt for water instead of soft drinks or juice.
3. Exercise: hit the hotel gym before morning sessions or before evening social events.
4. Get enough sleep: take the early transport home to gain those extra zzz’s.
5. Drink in moderation!