5 Strategies for Less Meetings and More Results!

By February 4, 2016Blog Posts, Vaz Vision

With the start of another year comes the promise of new opportunities. You may be in the midst of your annual National Sales/Business Meeting, establishing new objectives for the year and getting motivated to achieve them with innovative approaches. You’re energized and ready to take on the world! But something often happens upon your return…you’re efforts are stifled in a corporate culture that dominates your time by filling days with back-to-back meetings that are often minimally productive.

It’s 2016, and it’s time to do things differently. Time is a commodity that can never be recovered once spent, so show others that you value your time by putting these five strategies into practice:


  1. There must be a return on every meeting you attend…before automatically accepting a meeting request, pause and consider the return on investment in terms of meeting brand and corporate goals.
  2. You have to balance multiple priorities…consider if your attendance at every meeting is the best use of your time, and if it’s not, decline the invitation with a reason. Being selective forces others to place a higher value on your time.
  3. Not every meeting needs to be an hour…so when you do need to attend a meeting, challenge its length; shortening every meeting by even 5 minutes will add time to your day.
  4. Every attendee carries a cost and lengthens the meeting…inquire as to whether everyone on the invitation list is required, or if some can simply be briefed on the outcome.
  5. It’s impossible to multi-task in a truly effective manner…commit your entire attention to every meeting you attend, ensuring your contribution is recognized and valued.

At MEDUCOM, we book internal meetings in 15 minute increments, and we don’t feel compelled to utilize the allotted time if the stated objectives have been reached. A few years ago we implemented a “stand-up” meeting policy for our weekly, all-staff project updates. The meeting gets started faster and updates are more energetic and concise. This simple change cut the average length of the meeting in half!

MEDUCOM values your time as much as we value ours. So call us for all your healthcare marketing and medical communications needs. We won’t waste your time!